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Hi, I’m Lisa, I have been involved with dogs as far back as I can remember, as a child I used to walk the family dog, Rocky, a medium sized mixed breed. I also walked other dogs on the estate where I grew up, people said I had a natural way with dogs and how they behaved differently when they were with me. 


For a couple of years, in my spare time, I’d train family and friends dogs and gained a lot of experience in doing so. I later joined the prison service and moved into dog handling with protection dogs. During this time I was offered a 12 month old male German Shepherd called Gangster, a show dog and a handsome boy, but unfortunately he had very little discipline, obedience or lead training. It took a while but with a lot of hard work and an obedience training program (which I put together) Gangster was ready to take his training further and went through an intense handler protection course. At the end of the course my dog with the least experience at the start ended up being the best on the course and we passed with flying colours. Gangster and I went onto work a high profile site looking after some famous people.


One day I was having a clear out of the garage, I had advertised a dog cage for sale and a lady came to have a look, we got talking and it turned out she was looking for a dog behaviourist as she had already seen a dog trainer and the issues still remained unresolved.  As a behaviourist I offered to help her and thought why not make a difference and educate dog owners and share my knowledge with them? It has since gone from one client to another and another... and I’ve since built a reputation based on good recommendations. Lisa's K9 Solutions continues to grow!

If you need assistance with your dog, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



07745 719 794

"Lisa is fantastic. We noticed a difference with our boarder collie straight away. Would really recommend her to anyone. "

- Danie


“Superb. Our three German shorthaired pointers had a lot of issues before training started, although they have along way to go the difference in them is unbelievable! I would highly recommend Lisa's services."  ​

- Douglas


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